On music

I started banging on the drums when I was only 4 years old. My dad, who was in the US Navy, used to run the CPO Clubs as part of his job, and the club where I was living at the time had a dedicated drum set. So, every time I would go to the club to visit dad, I’d jump on stage in front of an empty room and just hit away. This was my first taste of being a musician.

Along with recreational drum banging, I also took formal piano lessons. We had an upright piano at home, and my teacher would come over and give me lessons a few times a week. My favorite song to play then was “Whistle While You Work.” Hey, I was a kid.

In the 1st grade, I was living in Stockton, California. Here, I began violin lessons as part of school through the 3rd grade. I learned how to read music, how to keep a beat, and how to play one of the most technical instruments. I was part of an orchestra and would regularly perform with the high school kids in recitals.

After Cali, I moved to Kauai, Hawaii for the remainder of my pre-college schooling. Of course, I took up more music interest and began learning the Ukulele. I did not take any formal lessons other than what was given in the 4th grade, but by this point I was pretty well versed in music, so it was not hard to pick up. Once I hit middle school, we had band class available, and I joined and picked up the trumpet. These band classes were probably the best schoolings for my music career since they taught me everything from theory to marching to jazz; band was a huge part of my childhood. It continued onto high school, where I became a 1st chair trumpet player and excelled at music.

On to college, this is where I started dabbling in the profession. I met a great musician, Chuck, who happened to also be from Hawaii and we played in a luau together during my 4 years there. He taught me a lot about how to rock. I picked up the guitar and bass, and we wrote songs together. If I never met Chuck, I probably would not know how to rock.

And when I finally came out to Seattle, the birth place of grunge and historic bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Foo Fighters……well, that is another post of it’s own….

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