I’m not sure if you’re the type of person to notice signs in life. But I am, and my life has been full of key moments represented by significant signs that the universe provides. As I sat in first class on a plane from Seattle to Houston the day after I announced I was leaving […]

Today is my last day at QThru

When I joined Aaron to start building out QThru, I knew, beyond a doubt, that what we wanted to accomplish would change the way you live. The idea of self-checkout on your smartphone makes complete sense, and we are in the age where the time is perfect for a solution like ours. I feel fully […]

I’m happy with hitting 30

My 30th birthday was on March 6. It’s common, and recommended, that you set goals for yourself throughout your life. Without goals, there’s nothing to work towards. Providing for your children is a goal, climbing Mt. Everest is a goal, learning Japanese…is a goal. I had a few goals I wanted to hit by the […]

How to be effective at “networking” at meetups

I do not remember my first networking event, but I do remember my first few events I attended. It’s something I look back on often, because when I try to invite my peers to join me at an event, I’m rarely met with a willing response. I understand it. Not everyone is comfortable speaking to […]

QThru Harlem Shake

Yah, we did one. UPDATE: Aaron removed it.  I’ll get it back up soon.  

Communication Tips

I think communication is extremely important in any size of company or team. The bigger you get, the more different minds you have. At the end of the day, it’s important that these different minds are on focused on the same goal. I’ve worked in situations where communication was excellent, where it was excessive, and […]

On music

I started banging on the drums when I was only 4 years old. My dad, who was in the US Navy, used to run the CPO Clubs as part of his job, and the club where I was living at the time had a dedicated drum set. So, every time I would go to the […]