Today is my last day at QThru

When I joined Aaron to start building out QThru, I knew, beyond a doubt, that what we wanted to accomplish would change the way you live. The idea of self-checkout on your smartphone makes complete sense, and we are in the age where the time is perfect for a solution like ours. I feel fully accomplished with what we’ve done so far. I think we have built a great line of products (a lot are invisible to the consumer), and our now 13 person strong company is fully tuned to take these products to the next phase. So it is my decision, with the support of Aaron, to take a step away indefinitely.

So what’s next? I will not be taking a break (even though I could use one). Instead, I am considering starting a new venture. I’ve vetted an idea with different members of the startup community who have given me positive feedback. I may also join another entrepreneur who could use my skills, so let me know if you have any leads. Or, I may join one of the other great Seattle startups around the area. My direction will be much clearer by the end of summer. I appreciate your amazing support.

You can expect to continue seeing me at the many events around the area supporting the community, and I plan to still be involved with QThru wherever I can. There is a chance I may even return. But for now, I close this chapter and begin a new.

There’s definitely a lot I want to share in learnings from my experience in building QThru. The good and especially the bad, so please stay tuned and I’ll start to post about it when the time is right.

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