I’m happy with hitting 30

My 30th birthday was on March 6. It’s common, and recommended, that you set goals for yourself throughout your life. Without goals, there’s nothing to work towards. Providing for your children is a goal, climbing Mt. Everest is a goal, learning Japanese…is a goal. I had a few goals I wanted to hit by the time I was 30, and I can happily say that I’ve hit them:

Make a 6 digit salary
This was my most important goal. Yes, I make a 6 digit salary, but that is very common in the tech industry, especially in a market as hot as Seattle’s. Hitting this mark gave me great confidence and was a the point at which I could live a bit. You see, just because I’m making that much, doesn’t mean I’m “well-off.” I have a lot of college debt, and hitting this salary level just allows me to pay my debt and actually be able to save money as well. Something very important to me for my future family and retirement.

Start a Company
I set this goal when I was 25. I got the entrepreneurial itch after living in Seattle for a few years. If you’ve ever worked around here, you’ll understand just how big the startup scene is. You mistake it for being natural if you live here too long, but move to someplace like Tucson (where my sister lives) or Hawaii (where I grew up), and the word “startup” is not common. I knew, when I first started following tech companies, that I had to create one.

Have an actual savings account, with money in it
Over 1 million people filed for bankruptcy and the average debt per taxpayer is $104,000. I’ve never had an “excess” amount of money, and part of my reasoning for #1 on this list, is so I could for once have it. Until 28, I was living check-to-check because of my lifestyle and my debt. Pilot school was expensive! And if you speak to any financial expert, they always say to have a savings equal to 3 months living costs. My savings never barely ever went over $500 until now.

Be happy with where I am in life
Happiness is different for each person, and only you can understand if you’re happy. I’m extremely with where I am at 30 and I think the only thing I would have changed was the college and degree I got. But everything else and everywhere I’ve been (including college) have shaped who I am now. I set ambitious goals, but also achievable. And with that, I feel fully accomplished so far and will take my 30′s to a new level with more goals.


…These weren’t all of my goals, and I did not hit every single goal. But, just like in startup business, understanding that you can’t always hit everything exactly spot on is part of leading to success. It’s how you learn and adapt that will set your personal self or business on the right track.

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